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Hydraulic Drive Fluid

Product Introduction

The product is formulated by blending the refined base-oil with perfect low-temperature fluidity and special additives.

Standard: Q/AHY 24-2007, which is equal to the PTF series special oil classified by USA API drive fluid.


Application range

6# hydraulic drive fluid is mainly applicable for the hydraulic driving devices in railway vehicles, mining trucks, cross-country vehicles, engineering trucks and other heavy-load trucks.

8# hydraulic drive fluid is mainly applicable for the automatic transmission system in various sedans and light vehicles. 



◆     With good viscosity-temperature and cold flow performance.

◆     It can ensure the sensitive, accurate and stable system operation owing to its excellent anti-foaming performance.

◆     With the prominent anti-wear performance and appropriate friction performance, it can ensure the good gear-shifting for vehicles.

◆     The service life can be prolonged owing to its extremely high anti-oxidation, antirust and anti-corrosion performance.


Product variety

#6 and #8 the two trademarks are provided.



Special storage vessel should be adopted and prevent the interfusion of water, moisture, mechanical impurities and so on; meanwhile during operating you should maintain the cleanness of the oil tank, and clean the oil tank and oil path during oil change, so as to prevent the pollution. During application, the products with different types cannot be blended.


Typical data of the product

Technical data



Test method

Kinematical viscosity 100℃, mm 2/s




Viscosity index




Pour point, ℃




4-ball machine test   PB value, N




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